YourSoRad8 (yoursorad8) wrote,

em effen MF at BB's

MF DOOM @ BB King's the wed before thanksgiving. how many tickets do you have?
i'm done hypin doom on live journal, just go see the show. he's the ghostface killah of the underground.

i want my xbox, i can't wait 2 more weeks.

got the next cabinet for conversion. its a "Avengers" cabinet. you know that 4 player side scrolling beat em up from the 80's. either way, its gonna be the chickens tits! i mean, ironman is on the cabinet. whats better than that? oh and if anyone gives a shit, which i'm sure you don't, we are using 100% genuine HAPP parts this time. No more really innovative joysticks from countries where people drive on the wrong side of the road and don't understand that in order to be satisfying, a joystick needs a substantial "throw" (the distance it travels before it hits the switch). bah.

i still want my xbox.
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