YourSoRad8 (yoursorad8) wrote,

alright this is scary

i've been on the grand theft rampage for about 3 weeks now, and my CJ is becoming more and more like myself. they say that pets accurately reflect their owners, and if the same goes for my CJ in grand theft, well its gonna get shitty.

I used to go to the gym really often, and eat right.
CJ used to go to the gym daily and eat fairly often, now he doesn't eat, and hasn't been to the gym in months... JUST LIKE ME!

I used to dress to impress...
CJ hasn't been to the clothing store since his first day back in good old San Andreas. He's a scummy lookin bastard. JUST LIKE ME!

NOPE! none for me, none for CJ. awsome, no wonder neither of us can get laid.

Sealing the deal at the end of a date...
CJ seems to just drop denise off and have better things to do. I on the other hand am a jackass. Bottom line, 2 dry willies.

Well in a few more weeks, it seems CJ won't want to leave grove st. Because he will have picked up his own copy of the game. Then i will be playing cj, playing cj, playing the game, and then blogging at work about how much gta immitates life.
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