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It's funny b/c its true!

Seriously, this is a true story.

Freshman year of college i went to suny albany and had a very interesting roomate. he would find out all kinds of random information. one day, he found an article about foods altering the smell/taste of bodily excretions, up to and including semen. The list consisted of some well know semen swappers like asparagus, and the not so common pinapple. We ran with pineapple. The room was small, and we lived together a little while, so we got to be fiarly comfortable doing things in eachothers presence, and our girlfrieds didn't seem to mind, so its all good. Okay, so its pineapple nite, and my buddy and I our doing our parts. We both drop hints that this would be an excellent nite for some oral pleasure, and the g/f's seem to agree. Mine finished the job, made a litte joke and all was well. My roomates girlfriend's head swole up like a watermelon, and she had trouble breathing. turns out she was allergic to citrus (pineapple included). So whats the moral of the story? Fuck that, i have no morals, this shit was hilarious. always eat pineapple before getting head, you never know who may be allergic.

Seriously, true story #2
Someone very close to me is a "panty-sniffing, sleep-fucker". So i've heard.
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